About Prometheus Technology Solutions

CEO - Eric S Blake

Eric brings to Prometheus Tehcnology Solutions, LLC a wide range of technical skills from workstation to web, sql server to business intelligence he has over 30 years of IT experience

The skill that Eric brings is his ability to not only "GET THE BUSINESS" understand what the business needs and why, but also to ensure that the technical solution to the business need is not more important than the people who are going to use it and the customers that they are trying to satisfy.

A unique blend of Business Analytics and Technology skills rolled into one who is able to talk and explain not only the business but the technology.

Why Prometheus

Well, frankly, we could have chosen any name but being history buffs and wanting a unique name we chose Prometheus

Prometheus (Greek: Προμηθεύς) is a Titan, culture hero, and trickster figure who, in Greek mythology, is credited with the creation of man from clay(pretty cool) and the theft of fire-from the gods-for human use(thanks!), an act that enabled progress and civilization.

He is known for his intelligence(Kinda like us), and as a champion of humanity(or technology).

The punishment of Prometheus as a consequence of the theft is a major theme of his mythology, and is a popular subject of both ancient and modern art. Zeus, king of the Olympian gods, sentenced the Titan to eternal torment for his transgression. The immortal Prometheus was bound to a rock, where each day an eagle, the emblem of Zeus, was sent to feed on his liver, only to have it grow back to be eaten again the next day. In some stories, Prometheus is freed at last by the hero Heracles (Hercules).

He was a focus of religious activity mainly at Athens, where he was linked to Athena and Hephaestus, other Greek deities of creative skills and technology (kinda what we do..).

In the Western classical tradition, Prometheus became a figure who represented human striving, particularly the quest for scientific knowledge. In particular, he was regarded in the Romantic era as embodying the lone genius strove to improve human existence.

So Prometheus Technology Solutions

is dedicated to developing technology and solutions that strive to improve your life, personal and professional, from small individual solutions to enterprise wide, completely scalable solutions. What truly sets us apart is that we strive for a complete solutions, binding not only operational people skills and procedures, into and along with customized technical solutions that augment each other, not compete. Complimenting existing company practices, procedures and systems into a completely scalable enterprise package that works, from day one.