Welcome to Prometheus Technology Solutions online.

Getting started on the web

We use ASP.NET Web Forms to build dynamic websites using a familiar drag-and-drop, event-driven model. A design surface and hundreds of controls and components let you rapidly build sophisticated, powerful UI-driven sites with data access.

Using industry standard formatting, we provide clean web sites for your business. Not flash, just facts, fun and easy to use. You are in control of content. You want to say it on the internet you say it. No need to contact a vendor, wait for them to publish, and of course, by the time that happens your special is over, you've retired ... well you know... YOU ARE in control ... simple as that, change a picture you bet, change the wording, fix the spelling error (never happens) ... you are in the drivers seat. PTS supplies the tool that lets you do this.

Our features let you change what you SHOULD and leave the standards up to us. Your site, Your content, Your company...Consistent...from Desktop, Laptop, Tablet to phone. It's all there, consistently and identically.

SQL Server

We specialize in the utilization of SQL Server, from 2008-2016 including SQL,SSIS,SSAS and SSRS.

For those who want to know SSIS-Integration Services, SSAS-Analytical Services and SSRS-Reporting Services, all of these over and abobe the powerful SQL Server database engine.

Everyone these days is an SQL server expert, and they have tons of third party tools to sell you to ensure that you are running as efficiently as possible. Nice to hear, PTS is not in the bussiness of reselling software, we are in the business of showing you how to use your CURRENT tools to do what your need today and for your future. We don't rely on third party tools to tell us what to tell you... We look at your business and technology and tell you what we have seen provide winning solutions.

No expensive 3rd party software, just the facts...just the truth.... Can you handle the truth?

WEB to Desktop

We develop just as logical and easy-2-use desktop applications for windows as well.

Our software and technology is used by two colorado counties, multiple local businesses and is relied on by a federal department to provide reporting and concistent access. Drop us an email, we will show you where we are, what we do and more importantly what we can do for you!